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Module & The Last Mile Network wins Wells Fargo and Enterprise Announce Housing Innovation Challenge!

Training Grounds extends a grand congratulations to Module winning Wells Fargo and Enterprise Announce Housing Innovation Challenge! The Last Mile Network is a partnership between the modular housing company and affordable housing developers to bring prefabricated homes into urban communities and create on-ramps into the construction industry through workforce development programs. The project will scale Module’s construction facility in Pittsburgh, and develop new facilities in Maryland and Virginia, building 100 all-electric affordable homes with a local workforce that has an equity stake in the business.

Training Grounds is in partnership with Module to bring a modular housing finishing facility to Prince George’s County. The innovation scales Module’s pilot facility in Pittsburgh – the Last Mile Lab – which Forbes Magazine called “perfect for the housing challenges that need to be solved in Pittsburgh, and a template for other cities that are even more desperate for similar solutions.” 

Training Grounds and Module have established a hub and spoke manufacturing model, using a Module’s regional production “hub” which produces and ships building components to the Training Grounds’ locally-owned “spoke” finishing facility in Prince George’s County. The finishing facility assembles the components into completed, net-zero energy-ready housing units, ships the completed units to the project site and completes final on-site finishing.

In bringing this innovation to Prince George’s County, it leverages Training Grounds’ expertise and track record in supporting 21st Century workforce development and job opportunities to connect individuals and communities to economic empowerment, education, and love.

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